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Automatically Select Carriers by Cheapest Rate

Occasional Contributor

We currently send items using multiple carrier accounts, If we are bulk processing a batch of labels is there an option to automatically select the carrier based on the cheapest rate. Using the rate calculator to select this on an item by item basis is too time consuming when there are 100's of orders in a batch.


Hello everyone,


This beta has been closed and there are no current plans to reopen it at this time. If I hear any news around this feature, I will update this thread accordingly. 


Your interest in the feature is greatly appreciated, as is your patience. 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

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Why has this taken almost two years from community ask until now, and STILL isn't publicly available? This is a MANDATORY feature and quite frankly should have been one of your first features at launch.


Please please please add us to the beta. Been waiting on this feature for years!

Occasional Contributor

I would like to be added to the beta as well.

Occasional Contributor

I would like to be added to the beta for this as well. We utilize 3 shipping companies and do lots of manual sorting so this would be a great time savor. Thank you!