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Shipping Strategies - Set by Delivery Date

New Contributor

The launch of shipping strategies in ShipStation and being able to use them in automation rules was definitely a nice step forward. But in my opinion, it is missing one crucial feature that a lot of other "Best Rate" software solutions have. And that is the ability to not only have it automatically select the cheapest shipping option from a list of carriers, but allowing us to set the required delivery time in days in the strategy as well. For example, if I want to create a shipping strategy for all carriers/methods that can deliver in 3 days, there is not a great way to do this. Something shipping to a close by state can get there using Ground, but if I was sending that same package across the country, Ground would not work. So while the current setup allows me to get the cheapest rate, it does NOT allow me to get the cheapest rate AND get there by a certain time. For us as a company, without that feature it kind of makes Best Rate useless.

I am hoping this would be something on the current road map and after talking through with their support, they recommended that I post something on the forums. 



It is also missing the ability to rate shop a service that requires a specific packaging. For instance, FedEx has a flate rate One Rate program that is enabled by choosing the combination of 2 Day Air with a One Rate Package type. If you choose 2 Day Air with a non-One Rate Package type the rate is far worse. It's a big part of our shipping strategy and best rate shopping feature needs to consider the intersection of carrier service & package type.