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Automation Rule to cancel SKU

Occasional Contributor

If i add criteria "ITEM SKU equals XYZ" multiple times using a variety of products, will this work. Does the logic use both criteria as an OR or as AND. Meaning it only needs to have one of those items. 


I want to stop certain SKUs from importing. 

If i set then as inactive, will that stop them from importing? 


Hey there @Davidc


When it comes to that OR or AND logic, it all depends on the way that the rules are written but both can be accomplished if desired! I would recommend giving this Knowledge Base article a full read to see those examples and descriptions for utilizing AND vs OR logic in the automation rules.


To my knowledge there is not a "prevent from importing" action at the item level, and only at the full order level. With this in mind, a possible solution could be to set a tag to that product so that any and all orders that come in with that item will be tagged to alert you that the item is present and to remove it. 


If any of our wonderful community members have a workflow that has been helpful to them in this same endeavor, I absolutely encourage them to share here! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!