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Autonomy to email and communicate with customers


Perhaps there's a feature that I'm unaware of at this point, but having used Ship Station for two years now, I can say that I love the platform. However, 2020 was a year that shattered sales records for the small company that I work at, which is awesome. However, sales in volumes far and above our projections put my small company in a position where we were forced to backorder several products, several times. When we had backorders, it took substantial time in some cases to get product out. I found myself trying to communicate to customers on the back end with information about their backorders- product by product. I've come up short with Ship Station in trying to find a way to select the customers of specific products, and communicate with them in a timely manner. It seems to make sense to me to be able to identify customers in a backorder pattern for specific products so that I can communicate with them more efficiently. Does anyone know of the best way to conduct that type of action? Again, I'm not unaware of other platforms that can be used to communicate to large groups of people, but because we manage the status of the orders in Ship Station, I feel that a feature that would make sense looks like something that I can toggle individual customers that have bought the same product, and communicate to them with a template that can be sent with a couple clicks of the mouse. Any knowledge would be super, super awesome. Thanks in advance!


New Contributor

Hi there. The best idea I have would be to filter orders by product type, export those orders into CSV, then you can easily grab the emails to paste into an email or wherever you wish. 


I should've known. Thanks so much, Lucas, that'll work perfectly.