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Barcode / Inventory


We are a Startup having lots of trouble figuring out how to set up our inventory system.   We have downloaded and set up ship-station connect but it always tells us that we don't have it downloaded,  We bought a barcode scanner on amazon but apparently there is only certainly types of barcode scanners that can properly integrate with ship-station,  and there isn't even a clear explanation as to how any of this works.   Can I scan a code to count my inventory or is it only to ship out packages?  Does ship-station generate the barcodes or do we have to buy a barcode software.  What are the steps to integrating this into our system? What scanner works best with Ship-station?   The lack of information or guidance on how to set this up is pretty frustrating and we are honestly considering dropping the service for something with clearer direction.  Someone please offer some insight.  


Occasional Contributor

We have to maintain our inventory on our store website not Shipstation however I don't recall seeing anywhere to add inventory with a scanner via Shipstation. All the barcodes have to be inputted per item and are not Shipstation generated. The work flow there is kind of tricky. When on the "Scan" screen after you pull up an order you can see the items and if they have a UPC. You cannot add a UPC on that screen though. You either have to pull up the item in the "Products" screen or if you know there are several items missing the UPC on an order I prefer to pull up the order on the "Order" screen then click the product name. Then you can add a UPC and check the "update for all orders" checkbox at the bottom by the save button. You can also import/export the products to add the UPC to them. 

We purchased some cheap amazon scanners several years ago and they've always worked so no advice on the scanners.