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CHAT -- no one is responding - DAY 5

Occasional Contributor

The fact ShipStation is NOT responding to chat is BEYOND INFURIATING. Sadly, ShipStation keeps going downhill. I am looking into both Pirate Ship, Shippo + Ship Hero to compare. 

SS is the most expensive; and they do not pass on shipping discounts (unlike others), I did not mind becuase I've been using them for years without issue. Previously customer service was excellent. Now it's deplorable. Time for an alternative! 


New Contributor

Following this thread because I've had open cases with them since October 2022, May 2023, and escalating to 3 more in the last 2 months. So that's 5 open cases, a few of which are causing major impediments to our logistics workflow and adding a ton of time to our days. I have similarly been with them for over 6 years now and they used to be amazing (both the app and the customer service). They really messed up when they started rolling out these updates, did not scale well at all. Anyway, just airing out. Someone please tell us where to go!