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Can't use Browser search to find orders anymore

Occasional Contributor

I used to be able to search for an order using the browser search, but now it just sees the left hand panel and can't search the actual orders.

This used to save me a ton of time instead of scrolling thru the page of orders or using the search function in Shipstation.



Not really a "fix", but...

I've found Ctrl+F only works on orders that are currently visible. If it's halfway down the page, you'll need to scroll down and Ctrl+F until you find what you're looking for.


We average around a hundred or so orders a day, not as huge a deal for us than people with ten times that.

New Contributor

This issue is incredibly frustrating. Not being able to use CTRL + F to look up orders quickly is taking up so much time now. What's the point of having a list of 500 orders that you can scroll through if you can ONLY search for the orders that are visible on the screen???


This is a very basic function that all websites should have. Shipstation's web developers really overlooked this one. This should be one of the first things they fix ASAP.

Occasional Contributor

This is the exact problem I have. I have even tried chrome and firefox extensions to fix this and nothing works. If someone comes up with a work around or finds a competitor service that does this please update us! I have been asking them for this to work every time I've tested the new version over the course of A YEAR. Now that we're forced to use it my efficiency is completely ruined. I'm now taking 3x what it took me before to ship and I'm a one person operation.