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Cannot remove lineitem with qty 0

Frequent Contributor

When I edit an order within Shopify to remove a lineitem, the result in ShipStation is that the lineitem qty is changed to zero, but the item is not removed from the order.  In V2 I was able to remove that line by splitting the order and then cancelling the resulting order with qty 0.  Or, if I re-combined the orders, ShipStation was smart enough to remove the line with qty 0, leaving me with only the lines with a non-zero qty.


In V3 when I split the orders the qty 0 line goes to a new shipment, and when I recombine them it remains in the order.  


If I leave them split, and go back to the view where I can see all my orders, I can click on the order with qty 0 and cancel it.  This does cancel the order, but the cancelled shipment remains on the order.


If I split the orders like this, then check both of them and click combine, it tells me that the order is already combined.


So basically I have no way to remove this lineitem with qty 0.  Please help me figure out a way to do this.


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Is there any way to address this?  To remove a lineitem with qty 0? 

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I've just learned that the qty 0 lineitem causes an error when this order is sent to my warehouse.  I need a workaround for this problem ASAP.

Hey there @david_dean


Thank you for posting about this behavior in the community! 


My recommendation would be to remove the "re-combining" step that you are describing there. If you have already split the order to remove that qty 0 item, leave that of the order split out and cancelled. 


While the cancelled part of the order may remain visible in the full view of the split order, it is in that cancelled status and removed from the "awaiting shipment" side of the order to be shipped out.


I hope this helps! 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Yes this is most likely what I will do to make sure the orders correctly syncs to my warehouse.


In general it would be great if the qty 0 items could be removed, either when the order is updated from the marketplace, or afterwards as a manual step.  Even if I can cancel them so they won't ship it still results in another shipment floating around, showing up in search results, and generally making things less streamlined than they could be.