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Combine shipment

New Contributor

In SHipstaion documentation I found the description of the Combine Shipments feature:


If you have multiple orders you wish to combine into a single shipment, use the Combine Shipments option. 

Combine Shipments allows you to combine items from separate orders into a single shipment while maintaining the integrity of each order. This is so ShipStation can accurately communicate shipment statuses and tracking numbers back to your selling channels for each order. 


But here ShipStation doesn't add that ALL items will be added into the surviving order and then surviving order will include ALL items from each separate order.


It ruins the sale report in SkuVault because SkuVault updates existing surviving order with the items from all orders in combined shipment.

Why combine shipment feature influence the number of items in the surviving order?


We think that it is a mistake in the ShipStation logic of combining shipments.

We need to see each order separately in the SkuVault and Shipstation duplicate surviving order with the items from other orders.


Howdy there @michaelr


Thanks for posting this feedback! I am wanting to make sure that I fully understand your case here. Can you clarify for me the intended goal here? 


It sounds like you are wanting to combine just parts of separate orders, instead of the full separate orders combining together as one order. Any additional screenshots/clarification on your intended goal here would be terrific 🙂 


Thanks in advance! 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Occasional Contributor


He means that combined shipments overwrite pertinent information such as order number for every item in the shipment. This is clearly a bug.


If for example there is three separate orders shipping to the same address the export CSV will put the same order number for all three, despite the fact there is three distinct order numbers.

New Contributor

Yes, Art95 you are absolutely right

Thank you