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Combined order functionality issue

Occasional Contributor

We recently had an issue where 4 orders were combined instead of the intended 3 orders. The combined order was "marked as shipped" and a customer provided tracking # was added. Later, I realized that 1 of the orders needed to be removed and shipped elsewhere. Unfortunately, the order was not put back into the "open orders" tab as would be expected. The tracking number was voided but the order which was removed was still "marked as shipped" and was not discovered until a week later. Although an unusual case for sure, I hope that is fixed since its reasonable for users to assume that the order would be added back into open orders instead of closing it.


Hey there @matt19


If you are still experiencing troubles getting a label for that order, please reach out to our team so we can assist! 


While it may not be precisely what you need, I would suggest checking into the "revert a combined shipment" section of THIS article from our knowledge base! I think you may find it helpful in the future 🙂

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!