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Custom Field Integration into Shipstation

New Contributor


Most of my products are personalized. Amazon has the ability now to use a custom now box When a customer entered personalization it's should be imported to the ship station and printed on the packing slip. Now I have to go to the Amazon dashboard and manually write personalization on the packing slip. This is very inconvenient when I have a lot of orders in November and December that impact my business. This feature works at the Etsy store but not Amazon. 



Have you tried using [Buyer Notes] on your packing slip within shipstation? Does the personalization import on the order information box in shipstation at all?

New Contributor

Yes If I add manually personalization in buyer notes it's printed on the packing slip, however I would like to be already imported from Amazon not entered manually. NO it does not import at all 

Hey there @NEV! Thanks for sharing this potential solution! 


@AlexRevzin, I'm totally with you that you want to see this information imported. Although it is not directly imported, we do have a solution available! Please check out this article from our Knowledge Base about the Amazon integration! You'll see a tip that mentions our partners at DataAutomation that might be what you're looking for! 


I hope this helps! 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!