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Custom Pack Slip Amazon Customization Issue


Hello valued ShipStation Community,

I'd like to address a concern related to ShipStation's packing slip system when it comes to orders from Amazon. Unlike some other platforms such as Etsy, where we can readily see the customization details provided by customers, it appears that ShipStation's packing slips for Amazon orders lack this functionality. This has introduced an additional workload when fulfilling Amazon orders.

In the context of our Etsy orders, we have the privilege of viewing customizations, including aspects like the T-shirt's image, color (e.g., "Black T-shirt"), size (e.g., "Adult Large"), and any unique custom text (e.g., "Happy Birthday"). However, when it comes to Amazon orders and generating packing slips through ShipStation, the packing slips only furnish basic shipping information, and there is no provision to display the custom messages submitted by our Amazon customers.

I am aware that when we print packing slips directly from Amazon's site, all custom details are correctly included. Nonetheless, using this approach introduces an extra step in our process and can be time-consuming.

Has anyone else encountered a similar issue within the ShipStation environment for Amazon orders? Are there any potential solutions or workarounds to ensure that the customizations provided by our Amazon customers are visible on the packing slips generated through ShipStation?

Your insights and suggestions would be immensely appreciated, as we aim to address this challenge efficiently and enhance our order fulfillment process for Amazon orders.

Thank you in advance for your valuable assistance.

Best regards,


Occasional Contributor


This is possible (at a cost) via the DataAutomation add on. I've not used it myself but if you get in touch with DataAutomation they can provide costs and details of setup. 

Hope this helps. 


@F212US @mb-nutsgroup 

I've used it and after using other online apps built for the same purpose, it feels like paying the extra amount is worth it for consistency. Not sure how the other 3rd party apps can charge so little but i think it has something to do with lack of server support/ support in general. Again it depends on the size of business and need.