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Default e-mail notification does not send

New Contributor

I have set up my store to send the  Default Shipment Template e-mail notification when I create a label.  Except, for some reason, Shipstation seems to randomly delete my store's setting, so although I think notifications are going out, they don't.  The new screens are not helpful because unless I open up the Communication tab, I don't see the settings for a notification for an individual customer.  This glitch has resulted in not sending shipment notifications because I didn't realize Shipstation deleted my setting.  Periodically I have to edit my store's notification settings and reset the Shipment Confirmation setting to Default Shipment Template.


BTW,  my Delivery Notification Email setting is set to Default Delivery Template, and that never gets wiped out.


Anyone else experience this?


Super User
Super User

When you say "I have set up my store to send the  Default Shipment Template e-mail"
do you mean that you created an automation rule?
If not, I would try doing that. Email_rule.PNG

Thank you for your proposed solution, but that's not on point.  Shipstation has a built-in method for Notifications under its store setup that works.  The problem is that Shipstation blanks out that selection at irregular intervals for no apparent reason.  Maybe it has something to do with internal software patches - I don't know.  What I do know is I have set this up three or four times at this point.  It works for a while, and then stops without notice.