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Font Change?


Has the default shipstation font changed for anyone else? And is there a way to change it back in the settings?

If it's not just my computer acting weird, this seems like yet another example of a change driven by aesthetic rather than functional concerns. The font is both smaller and also a serif font which has been repeatedly demonstrated to be more difficult to read, especially on screens. So much of using shipstation relies on gathering information at a glance and so making it more difficult to read is completely counterproductive.


Hey there @_Mia_


I haven't heard of any adjustments to font specifically, but I'm happy to take a look!


Feel free to DM me a screenshot highlighting the font in question and i'll show that over to my team for confirmation. 


Additionally, if anyone else has seen any font changes of this type, please let us know! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!