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Having the ability to display all real time shipping rates to customers, not just the cheapest.

New Contributor

It seems a bit odd that there is not an option to display ALL real time shipping rates to our customers when they are checking out. Shipstation filtering out all of the other more expensive options is a nice touch, but customers aren't always looking for the absolute cheapest option. Many of our customers prefer UPS over FedEx, or Priority Mail over First Class. Would love for this to be an option, which doesn't seem too difficult to implement. 


Occasional Contributor

The option to display all rates should totally be available as that allows consumer to choose preferred carriers and speed of delivery that suits their price point.


@shipstation - This NEEDS to be an option. The inability to show the desired rates to customers is outrageous.

In our case, the only options being shown are UPS rates. This eliminates the ability for customers who have PO Boxes to purchase our products

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