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Import orders with items already grouped into packages?


Hi, checking out ShipStation. We have a custom store and we group the items of an order into packages, add box weight etc. Because we have items that must be shipped together (long rods of steel, or some very large items ship as their own package) we know how to package the items. Is there a way to import these packages of order items into ShipStation so they're kept in these same packages? We're using the custom store api to import our orders. thanks for any help on packaging.


Hello there @avibodha


You can absolutely setup custom packaging for your continued use! 


With that in mind, ShipStation is still working on its ability to support bundles/kits of products like you have described. 


I hope this helps! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


I've been wanting something like this since I joined. We have many large items that have to ship individually boxed. It'd be so easy on the product details screen to have a checkbox for "Ships Individually" which tells the system that if 3 are ordered, then we have 3 packages of the same size/dimension.