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In-Cart Delivery Options - Half-Baked Product Launch

New Contributor

I was thrilled to learn ShipStation launched a new feature in December 2020:

In-Cart Delivery Options


I was all excited... finally, real-time negotiated rates with added bonus features (add $, subtract $ set as $) for only some shipping zones in Shopify.


I had Shopify support enable my real-time shipping option and easily connected ShipStation API to Shopify...




ShipStation is not pulling negotiated rates based on package size/type/dims.

Why is this a deal breaker?


Try this: price a Fedex 8oz International Priority (if you have the good negotiated rates) -- price it from USA to let's say, Norway. 8oz Priority Envelope.
Now price it as 8oz box, 9x6x3 inches. Box is >twice the price of envelope if you have the good rates.


In their infinite wisdom, it appears ShipStation had an engineer develop the spec for this feature, instead of an experienced shipping product manager. The engineer did not consider that package type/dims can change a negotiated price by as much as 100% on many many many many shipments.


Here is an actual shipment to Canada from New York USA. My negotiated pricing is US$18.09




But using In-Cart Delivery Options, it prices the exact destination and weight without the package type or dims, and it prices at US$28.68



SO for this order, if you were the customer, would you prefer to pay $18.09 or $28.68?

If this were your store, do you think your conversion dropoff at shipping would improve if orders were $10 or $20 CHEAPER WITHOUT MAKING ANY CHANGES TO YOUR NEGOTIATED PRICES?


ShipStation can "simply" engineer a default package type/dim into the price sent to the cart.


As it is right now, this feature is useless for shipments that are priced based on package dims or package type.

We know that ShipStation pulls accurate carrier data, but for This Tool (In-Cart Delivery Options) SS is not offering the shipper a default package type/dims or pulling from shipment rules.


I opened a support case for this in early December... but more than a month later, no love.

I got as far as an User Escalations Specialist:


> I spoke to our engineering team who is currently working on the in cart delivery options and right now dimensions and package types are currently not supported. They hope to soon support them but right now this part of the feature is a work in progress.

> Our engineering teams will continue to work on the in cart delivery options as the feature becomes more advanced and as soon as this is rolled out I'll be sure to keep you updated. I definitely wish I had a better answer for you. As soon as I have new information I will keep you updated.


I must be the canary in the coal mine.
Why isn't EVERYONE excited about this feature?

Obviously, nobody has tried to use it -- or stores don't realize the real-time pricing from this tool is busted if package is not a default "box".


In summary, if your product(s) can fit into carrier branded packaging, and you can take advantage of contract pricing discounts if you use carrier branded packaging, and you want to offer your negotiated rates to your customers, this feature is very broken.


This could be a HUUUGE win for ShipStation.
But they rolled out a half-baked product that has no place in a production environment unless it's fixed.


If you are the product manager for this feature, you are more than welcome to reach out to me privately.


New Contributor

Hey ShipStation,

Why the silence?

Where is the product team jumping all over the opportunity to fix this?