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Internal Notes placement higher on order details page or color the Intern Note icon RED.

Occasional Contributor

The Internal Note should show near the top of the orders detail page. Sadly, it is one area that gets missed by our warehouse staff more often the I like. If they miss the icon being bolded in the order list, it is then also missed then the order is open since the NTOES section falls below the fold, forcing them to scroll to the bottom to check for any notes. 

If that is not an easy fix for Shipstation, many consider making the Internal Note icon in the Order list a color like red so it would stand out an something important and visually the eye would catch it easier.

Yes, I am working with the warehouse staff to get better at checking for Notes but having the Internal Note icon more noticeable would be valuable since those are typically the MOST important notes we have for the warehouse when processing an order.  

Thank you!



Hello, @Tangiewastefree!


Thanks for the great idea! Please keep sharing your thoughts—they help us improve.


Happy Shipping!