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More order details available in email templates


I would like to have the ability to include order details in the email templates.  Details such as item prices, shipping fees, etc. 


We are a wholesale company and our customers require invoices.  Unfortunately, our accounting system and our stores do not have the awesome automation features that are available in SS.  Having additional order details available in the email templates, such as item pricing, shipping fees, etc., would allow me to automate the task of sending individual emails.  And as a result, making the world a better place in general.  🙂


Thank you


Occasional Contributor

I would like to second this suggestion.


I would like to third this suggestion.

It would be awesome to have the many of the fields available in the packing slip also available on the email template such as: [Tax Paid], [Items Total], [Shipping Paid] and [Order Total]

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I would like to 4th this suggestion! 

But has anyone had success in adding these items to a custom packing slip? ! I am looking for a way to add the shipping costs to a custom Packing Slip template I created. I need to add the actual cost as displayed in ShipStation when I have set the package dimensions and weight and purchase a label. Is that possible? If so, with Field Replacement option is used for this specific cost? Thanks!