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Needs Assistance: Open Batches Not Visible On Shipments Tab


Originally posted by Retter


When I create a batch on the orders tab it does not show up in open batches on the shipments tab.

This is an issue because I want to bulk process all open batches (rather than doing each individually).

Does anyone know why created batches that are not processed don't show up in the open batch section of the shipments tabs? Or perhaps what qualifies as an open batch?

And does anyone know of another way to process batches in bulk?



New batches should appear in the Open Batches section of your Shipments page. If they are not, you may want to contact support for troubleshooting. 


One thing to keep in mind, the Open Batches page in Shipments automatically applies a "Created Date" filter that defaults to 14 days. If the batches were created before then, you'll need to change or remove the filter for those open batches to appear.




Default filters like this are in place to help with database response time, so ShipStation is only querying the database for the information you need instead of entries for "all time" - which would significantly impact the interface response time.


Hope this helps!

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx