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New Layout horrible! More steps required to do the same work...

Occasional Contributor

The new layout is horrible.  The extra step with the weight option, then having to scroll down to change declaration (in the middle rather than right below), the address validation isn't clear and everything can't be seen on 1 page

Everything should be on 1 page where you can tab to get to the next option.  This new layout is requiring more of my time 

Please have everything EASIER for the customer with fewer clicks.  All customers want work to be quicker and more efficient which this new layout isn't.


New Contributor

I don't think it's horrible but it definitely does not work for our shipping team. They use tags frequently and now the tags take extra clicking and fewer can be seen without having to scroll.   Same for the shipping services. We now have to scroll to see all the services. This causes more errors and more time. Also, the quantity used to be a bright red number when it was more than 1. Now it doesn't stand out. 


I agree. There is far too much spacing in this new layout requiring scrolling (unless you're using it on a huge monitor). But on a smaller screen / laptop, there is just way to much space/padding. 

Additionally, much more work involved in printing single labels. 

Why doesn't ShipStation listen to the customers who are posting in here?

Occasional Contributor

I agree, I don't care for the new layout. I have a smaller screen that is used for shipstation and not being able to view the image file that accompanies the order is disappointing. Unless I minimize the size of the website window which ends up making everything look too small.

Didn't have this issue before the upgrade. I also liked being able to view the Buyer ID which is no longer visible with this new layout. I'm not sure for who the layout was built for but it should have been to better serve shipstaions customers.  😒


I just created a quick fix for one of our issues with the new UI/UX. You can read about it here. I'm no working on a few CSS overrides that will decrease the padding/spacing in the main Shipment Details portion of the order details page. I'll add a link in this post once that's done. Slowly making this platform more usable!