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Down arrow hotkey not selecting orders (New Layout)

New Contributor


We are in the process of needing to use the New Layout as the Old Layout appears to no longer be updated/supported.

We have a working scanner macro that uses the following commands in the Old Layout version:

1. "/" - Search Order Hotkey

2. "Send data" - data comes from scanning the barcode from us, not a Shipstation hotkey

3. "Tab"  

4. "Down Arrow"  - This selects the searched order in the grid

5. "W" - Hotkey to weigh the order


There's a bit more to it than this but the takeaway is that doing the Tab then Down Arrow is not selecting an order in the grid causes us to take longer shipping in the New Layout.   The only work around I have found is to tab 20+ times which is inconsistent based on if a user changes their header.  We do not want to click the order.

May seem odd but with our volume this lowers the time required to ship a package.  

Is there a workaround to selecting a searched order or anyway to select a line order without clicking?


Thank you,