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Order numbers our of order after rolling over to 100,000

Occasional Contributor

So our order numbers recently went from 5 digit to 6 digit because we just hit 100,000. Shipstation seems to be confused by this. When I sort them by order# within Shipstation it stops at 99,999 (top of the list) and order 100,000 is pushed to the bottom of the list and then proceeds in the correct order. Seems just like a bug. Sorting them by Age in Shipstation works just fine but sorting by Order# confuses it. Attached a picture to help.


Hey there @Daylon


Thank you for making this report! 


We definitely know how important it is to sort your orders appropriately! If you haven't done so yet, please also reach out to our support team so that we can investigate this behavior with you directly in your account. 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!