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We just started using Shipstation with out Etsy shops and have assigned SKU's to all of our items however some of the items were imported to shipstation before and I was wondering how I could change the SKU number on the product because it doesn't show the updates SKU number.


Thanks in advance~


Hey there @atolye


Thanks for jumping into the community with us. We are so pleased to have you join us! 


When it comes to this type of product consolidation there are a couple methods that can be used, it will just be up to you which will work best for your personal workflow. 


One of those options is to Combine Products for those instances, which will make the separate SKU aliases for the same item pull the same information. The linked article above will go into more direct detail about that process. 


Alternatively, you can make the product inactive which will remove the product from view and automation within ShipStation. 


I hope that one of these options provides the solution you are looking for! 🙂 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!