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[Solved] ShipStation Connect

Occasional Contributor


It is fixed after I changed the password.


Hi guys, I am currently under free trial and want to try ShipStation Connect for the barcode scanning feature.


I just installed ShipStation Connect for Mac and try to register this computer, but after typed in the username and password, it shows "Error: There was a server error while authenticating this account".


I watched the video of installing the ShipStation Connect and the account in the video connects the system smoothly. I searched this error sentence and didn't find any posts about it.


I noticed that ShipStation Connect has to work on workstation. I don't really understand that. Does workstation mean I have to have a database like MySQL?


Thank you!


Hey there @PPE,


Its great to see your posts in the community! We appreciate the contribution, especially with finding the solution and updating your post! Thanks very much! 


I just wanted to follow up to confirm that you do NOT need a database to run ShipStation Connect. In that regard, when we see the word "Workstation" it is referring to the physical PC/Mac you are working from. Different user profiles may be signed into that same workstation at different times, but it is still that specific workstation. 


I hope this clears that aspect up! 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!