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Package Size Reports

New Contributor

It would be great if we could generate a report, or customize one, that show the box sizes used.  When streamlining our supplies, we are interested in which boxes we use the most, and how often, etc.  Right now, we don't have a way of easily obtaining that data.


New Contributor

I am working on the same thing. If you go to the shipments tab you can export the information you need. I do mine by selecting the date range I want first. The click on the export shipments button. When the export window opens You will see what format do you want exported. There is an option to create a new format. Choose that and then you can create an export with the information you want. I hope this helps.


Hello @Adrienne1234!


Thank you for your feature request. Please keep sharing your thoughts—they help us improve.


Happy Shipping!