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ParcelGuard Claims Experience as of July 2024

Occasional Contributor

Anyone used ParcelGuard Claims recently? Meaning in the past few months from today July of 2024

We are coming back to ShipStation as we currently using Veeqo and we are an Amazon FBM using CSBA

We have seen all the comments on ShipInsurance but would like to know about recent claims, such as - Amazon Client reports not received when the tracking states that it was delivered. Claims of shipping damage and when sellers get notified from Amazon CSBA (Customer Service by Amazon) for which we use, and client refund with a category of "General Adjustment". 

Let us know your experience with ParcelGuard along with is it better than ShipInsurance

Thanks! / Dave 


Occasional Contributor

My question may have been a bit confusing - 

To the point, has anyone worked with the ParcelGuard in relation to submitting a claim and what are your thoughts, Good Bad? Were you able to receive a refund? 

Hello, @Netology!


Thank you for the post. I was able to locate the following article in the ShipStation Help Center. 


I hope this helps to answer your questions. 


Happy Shipping!