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So I had a customer complain about our pricing for shipping. He said I should use Pirate Ship. I thought how far off can Shipstation possibly be. It was alot. I contacted the chat line and was told to post here. I figured I would before making the switch to see if anyone else had any suggestions to either why we should stay with Shipstation or how to get a lower rate before we left.

- ups ground 39x16x8 13lb was $38 using pirate ship. $54 using ship station
- Ups gound 40x22x10 21lb package ups ground was $42 vs shipstation $66

Also Pirateship has no monthly fees and lower UPS ground rates.



I am in the US and the rates to Canada are really up there.  One of our Canadian customers recommended Pirate Ship.  I haven't used it, but even their flat rates really are much lower.  The issue I am having is Pirate Ship does not seem to integrate with Wix - which leaves me wishing I had gone with Shopify instead (hindsight).  Did you give Pirate Ship a try?  If so, have you run into any issues/limitations with it?