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Postcode ranges...

New Contributor

Hey everyone!


We use a really specific local courier, that only delivers to a set number of postcodes... For example, they deliver to BS3 1XX but they do not deliver to BS31 1XX... This makes it tricky to write an automation rule, as if I write 'Postcode starts with BS3' it will include both, and if I add in another rule, 'Postcode does not start with BS31' then any BS31 postcode is ignored by every single shipping rule! Really not sure what the best way to sort this is - I thought I would just create a list of every applicable postcode and brute force it, but it's 9400 postcodes and Shipstation can't seem to accept that many (fair enough).

Does anyone know of a good way to sort this? And, otherwise, does anyone know how to create a postcode range? Say, BS1 1AA - BS1 3ZZ? Hoping someone out there can help...