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New Layout has Fundamental Flaws

I need to continue with the Legacy layout because of fundamental flaws in the new layout. Chat support recommended I post them here. Here are 2 of my biggest gripes:1--The field is too small for the weight. The fraction of pounds cuts off when using ...

corlyle by First-timer
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Feature Request - Custom Return Portal URL

It would be great to be able to brand the return portal's URL. It can be redirected from a subdomain but still lands on the very long Shipstation address. Keeping it "on brand" would make it seem more seamless for the customer experience and enhance ...

Jhuderis by New Contributor
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Inventory reports - improvement needed

Original post by user Eddie Spencer I like Shipstation. However, I need inventory reports that Shipstation does not provide. I need reports that show: SKU, alias, inventory; SKU, inventory, inventory history for a specific period of time (additions a...

SarahATX by Moderator
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ShipStation Connect keeps trying to install

I wanted to try ShipStation connect but it didn't work out for us. I have uninstalled the program but I keep getting this window every time I restart the computer. I can't find the program that is causing this. I'd love to make it stop. Any advice? I...

bmcnal by New Contributor
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Let's talk weights

I'm trying to get my head around how Shipstation (mis)handles product weights, and my head is spinning. Shipstation does import product weights from Woocommerce, and offers an overall parcel weight based on those imported weights. It's a useful sanit...

Shipster by Contributor
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Packing slip for Each box

Since we're able to have multiple boxes / shipment and split shipment. It would be great if Shipstation has a way to record which items were actually packed in which box. Example: Product A in box 1, product B/C/D in box 2, product E in box 3, etc. T...

Näak by Occasional Contributor
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Automatic Replies to incoming orders

Is there a way, that when my orders are imported, Shipstation will send an email based on the buyers email in the order.?I would like to tell them : your order will be shipped within 2 days.Thanks

evcables by First-timer
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Resolved! Catch 22 of setting up a new Store

You know how you have to have experience to get a job, but you can't get a job without experience? Yeah, that whole thing. My company is in the process of leaving our current Marketplace for a website/eCommerce platform designed for us from the groun...

Not able to proceed with processing batch shipment

Hello. I'm trying out the batch shipment feature. After clicking on "Process Shipments", I arrive at the "Label Batch Status: Cost Review" screen (picture below). Why is the "Continue" button greyed out? Is there a permission that needs to be enabled...

jasonp by New Contributor
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Shipstation Connect doesn't work with Firefox

When trying to print labels via ShipStation Connect, nothing is printed. This issue occurs when using ShipStation on the Firefox browser, as well as the Brave browser. ShipStation Connect was working on Firefox last week. So far I have tried the foll...

List Shipments Label Data Always Null

We would like to get the label data for our shipments, however the labelData field is always null. Is there a specific parameter not yet documented that we need to add to include the labelData in our results? Referencing: List Shipments

cit_dev by Occasional Contributor
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Tracking for "Other" when you Mark As Shipped

We ship many orders with various LTL freight carriers. It would be be great if when manually marking an order as shipped I could enter a link to the carrier's tracking page where the customer could enter their tracking number. It would also be good t...

Dave70s by New Contributor
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Serious malfunctions for Australian users

Why Aussie users have serious malfunctions and limited options?Myself, I have been using this limited functional program for over the year with heaps issues but never solved them on time or fixed it at all.1. There aren't real "contact us" instructio...

Resolved! ChargeBack from 8 months ago

I have had a paypal chargeback from 8 months ago. But I can no longer locate the shipment on Shipstation for proof of shipping. Any tips on how to access the shipping notification. And secondly does this mean I need to start manually adding shipping ...

Tag Management

Original post by user Jordan Talmor Please add the ability to reorganize tags after they have been created so that they appear in the order that you would like, instead of the order that they were created.

SarahATX by Moderator
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Ship Date Error When Creating Labels

I have been having issues since late June/early July with the Ship Date when creating my labels. When I create my labels for next day, it's changing the "Ship Date" back to the same day...sometimes. This doesn't always happen. I've chatted with suppo...