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Incorrect tracking information / invalid label (V3)




So here we are... yet another V3 blunder...


I shipped an order to Brooklyn, NY via USPS Priority on June 30.   The tracking now indicates that the package was delivered on May 16, to an address in Virginia.   How is this even possible?


I have a photograph of the shipping label on the package, the destination address IS correct, but the tracking number is apparently for someone else's package.     


If this package is lost this will be the absolute last straw.   If tracking hasn't corrected itself by Tuesday I will give ShipStation ONE FINAL CHANCE to switch my account back to V2, if there is any resistance or hesitation I will immediately cancel my account, switch to Shopify, and get onboard with the class action lawsuit that is being assembled.  


This is unacceptable, period.






I want to clarify, I didn't ask for any of this.   I've had zero complaints about ShipStation for five years.  I have recommended it to everyone who asked about shipping partners.


In a matter of weeks my opinion and experience has done a complete 180 turn.


It sometimes takes 5 - 10 attempts to print a shipping label, some of the most important functionality no longer works, and now I can't even trust the shipping labels it provides.


You realize when I clicked the popup dialog to switch to V3 it specifically stated "All functionality you are used to is still there!" .... unfortunately that was misleading and completely not true.

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As much as the new layout sucks. This is not a problem from V3 or shipstation...

This has happened to us a few times over the past couple of years, not sure if it USPS or that assigns the tracking # but they are assigning a number that is already in use.
Tracking #'s do get reused but is supposed to be after like 6+ months.

Dont know of a solution but it seems like a bug in whatever system. Our packages did get delivered correctly eventually.


I've seen a recycling tracking number before, this one was different.


This shipment was never seen again and the post office offered no support since the tracking was in no way tied to my account.


The incorrect tracking number completely vanished from the order altogether shortly after I posted this instead of striking out the tracking number like it usually does when a shipment is voided.  (Which I must say, seems awfully suspicious)


I now have absolutely no proof that I ever shipped this, got no refund, and the shipment is lost.





Also discouraging is the fact that Shipstation support has completely ignored this post, despite being tagged in the original post.   But, this is becoming the norm now, isn't it?    



Hello @pedalpcb


Thank you for your comments and for being a member of our community. 


Thank you for your patience while awaiting a reply from us, apologies that we were unable to reach out sooner. If you are experiencing an issue like this with tracking number issues, the only way forward to resolution would be working directly with our support team as other teams like the community do not have the proper tools to handle these matters. 


The community is always here for advice, networking, and sharing workflow tips and tricks. When it comes to an issue where the system is not functioning as intended the best place for this type of inquiry will always be our support team. We will always do our best to point you in the right direction to get resolution. 


If you are still having this issue, please feel free to DM me if you are having any troubles creating a support ticket and I can assist. 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood Community Manager