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International tracking

New Contributor

I sent a package internationally and it was first sent to one of those USPS central locations, and was supposed to go to the international destination from there.  However, the tracking number shows "Delivered" to this central location a week ago (July 21) and then no further activity since then.  Since USPS tracking typically stops when an item is delivered, how can I tell whether it's actually being sent to the destination, and how can I track it?


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Definitely want to help you get that tracking info you're needing. What you have described sounds like a shipment that is in the GAP. For help with claims, tracking or technical support on Global Advantage shipments, email This is the best way to gather direct updates for that shipment! 


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My experience is that there are two tracking is to the USPS collection point...followed by the international tracking information. I have found that it works quite nicely. You may need to look at the tracking email more closely? Maybe the info is a bit buried there. The tracking info also picks up once its enroute to its overseas destination. I have found it completely transparent.