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Allow changes to order lineitems

Frequent Contributor

I've never understood why Shipstation does not let me make changes to order lineitems.  I CAN do this for orders created manually, but not to orders pulled in from my store.  This would be helpful overall, but especially since Shipstation does such a mediocre job of syncing changes from my store.  


For example, a customer just changed the color on an item they had ordered.  I easily made that change in Shopify - remove the original item, add the new one.  This change did NOT sync to Shipstation.  So now I need to:

 - Split the removed item into a new shipment

 - Manually create a new order with the new item

 - Combine the new item with the original order 

 - Cancel the shipment that I had split off

 - Deal with the annoyance of having a "cancelled" order floating around, and the new item having been added from a separate order


Why not just let me adjust the order directly?