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[Solved] Create & Printer Label Shows Error

Occasional Contributor


Solved. Need to add phone number in the "ship from location" box.


Hi guys,


I am going to create and printe the label as a test. I chose Fedex 2Day, One Rate Small Box, typed in package size and weight, and clicked Create & Print Label. But it shows error:"Unable to create FedEx shipment. LabelSpecification PrintedLabelOrigin contact - phoneNumber is required".


But customer's phone number is there in the shipping address and I do have my phone number in FedEx account's My Profile.


Idk what phoneNumber the error is talking about.

Also, I searched this error sentence and didn't find any posts about it.



Howdy @PPE


It's wonderful to see you continuing to participate in the community! We truly appreciate the time you spend with us here. 


I'm absolutely elated to hear that you were able to get your error message cleared! Just like you found, that phone number message does indeed refer to the Ship From Location's phone number. 


Your contribution could very well save another user if they run into the same troubles. Thanks so much! 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!