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Printing Error - There was a problem downloading the document

New Contributor

Brand new Windows 10 PC, Brand new Zebra ZD420d Direct Thermal printer.


Get the error "Printing Error - There was a problem downloading the document" when trying to print a label.


Can print from Windows to the Zebra just fine, and can print to other printers from ShipStation just fine. This printer is supposed to be compatible with ShipStation, so what the heck is going on? I tried all the steps described here, including De-activating and re-activating the printer:


At my wits end here ... any suggestions, other than getting a different label printer? I don't have time for that if I am gonna make my project deadline.


By the way, I get the same results with the Zebra connected to a Mac.


Thanks in advance!




Howdy @ShipMan


Sometimes we do see that type of printing error when the computer is trying to run two instances of ShipStation Connect at the same time. If you have gone through your Activity Monitor/Task Manager on the computer and confirmed that only 1 instance of ShipStation Connect (can also show up as nw.exe) is running, but are still seeing this behavior, my recommendation is to get with our Support team via chat or email directly so that they can work with you in your specific instance directly as you are troubleshooting. 


I hope this helps! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!