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Product Groups that track multiple individual products in inventory

New Contributor

My issue is about using internal inventory tracking.

I have 15 individual products each with thier own SKU ... so far, so good.

The challenge is I have additional SKUs that are product 'groups' ... or a single SKU that contains more than one individual product (i.e. Combos, Kits, & Wholesale cases) ... So when I 'sell' a Kit, Combo, or wholesale case, I want inventory to track multiple different products or multiple units of a single product when each of those Kits, Combos, or Wholesale cases are sold.

It's obviously a 'logic' challenge ...  if a product group SKU is sold, then subtract x number of these multiple items. I'm confident I could properly set if up IF ShipStation had the proper methods to accommodate that purpose. It's an 'automation' or logic setup.

I was advised to see if my store (e.g. BigCommerce) can send the individual products to accomplish the same end result.

.P2 - Product SKUs & Inventory.png


New Contributor

Hello, did you figure the solution to this problem? my store could not send individual product to shipstation. how did you solve this issue?

Hey there @hope123


The ShipStation inventory system is not setup for using kits/bundles at this time. With that in mind if any of our wonderful community members have found a way that works for them, we would love to hear it! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

New Contributor

When you select a product sku, the product detail box pops up.  On left side near bottom is a "bundle" switch.  Turn this on and it allows you to add all the skus that are in the "bundle".