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Product import not fully imported

New Contributor

I tried importing my products using the csv file and although the skus are imported, the SKUAlias aren't.

I made sure the format is exactly as required by creating the SKUAlias manually and exporting the csv to copy the formatting but when I import it, it just doesn't show when I go back to the SKU to check.


Could a moderator or support take a look at my file and tell me why it's not working?




Howdy @Brainstormer


Thanks so much for posting about this behavior you are seeing with the CSV import of products. The time you take here in the community is greatly appreciated. 


When it comes to this type of CSV importing issue, we will want to investigate the file itself directly for not only content but formatting as well, just like you mentioned. Due to this, it would be my recommendation to reach out to the Support Team directly so that we can get an agent inspecting the direct CSV you are wanting to import. 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

I would If I can figure out how.  trying to find help is like going through a maze with no clear direction on how to reach support.  what's the email address, where is there a form to request tech support? 

Good morning @Brainstormer


So that you can have that email address directly, it is: You can also follow this article about contacting the support team.


You'll see that going thru the "?" icon in your top right hand corner of the ShipStation page, then the Get Help button will be the best place to start outside of using the above email directly! 


I hope this helps my friend! 



From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!