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Quick Ship / Label Queue


I am using the New layout.  Quick Ship is activated.  

After selecting a batch of orders and selecting "Create + Print Label,"  the orders leave my awaiting shipments area.  After this, nothing prints from my printer.  Instead, i have to go to the label queue and manually select "label" in order for the orders to print.

Is this the intended behavior of quick ship?

How is this better than simply sending the orders directly to the printer after selecting "Create + Print" ?  What is the point of this?  I thought the whole idea of "quick" ship was to .... print orders quickly?  

Does anyone else experience this?



Yes, the same issue just started for me today. it takes A LOT longer than usual tp "purchase label" then after that process is complete nothing prints. I have to pull up the order again and then print and it spits out instantly. 

In addition, even though I have my "document printing" option set to my preferences every time I print a label it asked me to set the default, so I check the box and then on the very next label it asks me to set the default again.

Hey there @shipspeed and @CSN_Shipper


I definitely understand wanting to utilize that Quick Ship feature! Would you mind sharing your workstation setup, printer settings (including  prompt settings), and workflow? Those details may point myself and the rest of the community in the right direction.


Reaching out to our support team is a great step to take as well. Those settings changing back to default is something we are actively investigating, so you can join in that investigation by making your report.

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Thank you.  I have reached out to support several times about this, as well as technical support from auctane.  I am fairly confident now that my experience with "quick ship" is indeed the intended behavior of the software, which i find ridiculous for a software that used to be very convenient to use.  

Its quite sad that there is no longer a way to simply click a button to print a batch of orders.  Our options as users are: click through a miserable dialogue box that slows you down by not printing anything until errors are addressed [and even this has its own issues],  or skip the dialogue box but be forced to manually find the batch in label queue to print.

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I had the same issues right after the last Shipstation connect update

It has not allowed me to print like before and each label has to be downloaded and printed from there

I contacted support and still have an open case regarding this issue

They suggested to close/clear/change browsers and that didn't help

The only way I have been able to print more than 1 p/s or label is to log out and log back in and print immediatelt

They don't have an answer but it was after the last update to 'connect' that started this non-sense

I've spoken with support many times over the past few weeks.  It seems that with the "new layout"  there is no longer a way to batch print with the click of a button.   Batches being sent to the label que is apparently as intended.  The other option is to turn off quick ship and print the batch after going through the annoying pop up confirmation [Note: any errors in the batch will kill the batch from printing and you will have to manually use the label queue process anyways]

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I was actually able to print a batch of 3 labels this morning but only thru being "always prompt" I will try later today when I have a few more labels to print and see if it works again, as it hasn't worked without logging out and back in, and that is very annoying. Not sure what they were thinking but they should rethink the whole thing