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Regarding Product Records


Hello All!


I am still trying to decide if ShipStation is going to work for my situation.


I am a drop shipper so I don't actually need shipping labels but I do need that all of my products (which are all different-sized items) have access to accurate shipping rates shown to the customer before the customer purchases the product.  I am with Shopify and they only allow 1 default package size and that size is what is quoted for all products.


I see in the product records section of ShipStation, there is a place for product dimensions for every product.  If I upload all of my products with the correct package dimensions into the Product Records in ShipStation, will the shipping quote use this information to quote the customer?


Thanks in advance for your time.




Hello there @CarA2021


Thanks for joining us here in the community! 


When it comes to product weights, multiple item orders will be added together for their full weight. However, for product dimensions, the defaults will operate normally on single item orders. For multiple item orders you would need to fill in the dimensions of the box either manually or via a separate automation rule.


Check out this article from our knowledge base about Product Automations/Defaults for more in depth info. 


I hope this helps 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!