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Rethink the KG & Grams separate boxes

New Contributor

Return to a single weight box for entering and viewing weights. Kg and Grams are the same thing, 1500grams = 1.5kg, also easy to read as 1,500 kg. There is not need to display it as 1kg 500g (or in ShipStations logic kg 1 ,  g 500). 

The coding can easily compute when some one has entered a value below 999 and displays it as grams, or above that display kg. Having two boxes is just ridiculous. 

Sizes are measured in CM on ShipStation. Using the same logic of separating Kg and grams, is ShipStation to implement 3 sets of boxes to all cubic measurements in metres, centimetres, and millimetres soon. Afterall, courier companies use all 3 types depending on whether they are a large, medium or small format service provider.