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Scanner showing up under Scales in ShipStation Connect

New Contributor

Hi, We're using a Symbol LS2208 scanner. We've installed ShipStation Connect.


1. We cannot scan any barcodes.


2. The scanner is listed under "Scales" in ShipStation Connect, rather than a separate list for scanner(s).


We think issue #1 is being caused by issue #2. Anyone know of a fix to this?


Thank you in advance for any advice!



Occasional Contributor

My scanner also shows up under scales as it's a USB scanner. I don't use it within shipstation but it does work when I scan pretty much any barcode. Are you able to scan something outside of shipstation (ie: in a blank word document)

New Contributor

Thank you, PT_Shipping. We switched to a li4278 model scanner and that worked for us - problem solved!