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Shipping Method Mapping

New Contributor

 I had to revert them back manually, but not until after several orders had gone out. As we sell Haz-Mat products, this is a DOT violation! Very frustrated right now. Has anyone else had this issue?  I just had over 2000 orders change from the Mapped UPS Ground to 2nd Day Air all on it's own.


New Contributor

Everything is mapped correctly, but it is changing all orders entering SS from my commerce site. Problem is NOT on our end.



Yes we had this problem starting Friday 6a April 16 also. 

Please tell me what you meant by 'revert back manually'...

I had to go to orders and using the batch feature, revert them all back to UPS Ground. Both "On Hold" and "Awaiting Shipment". Around 60 orders still went out the door and 6 of them were Haz-Mat. Already have one letter from DOT.

New Contributor

We had the same issue. I had processed my batch, and had to switch to the old layout to bulk void 500 labels...