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Shipping calculator has lost a key functionality


I've been struggling to get ShipStation support to understand that this new version (not ready for prime time) is missing a key functionality. It used to be that once I selected USPS Priority Mail, I would hit the shipping calculator and get a window that would show me the various package/price options within Priority Mail. I could see the prices for the various package types: S,M,L Flat Rate, Regional A & B, padded Flat Rate, Flat Rate Envelope, etc). Now that is gone and ShipStation has yet to acknowledge that it used to do this. They instead keep explaining how the current one work, which is in fact the problem. Frankly, I don't understand the point of the new calculator at all.


See video of calculator here 





I posted on this last week, but it looks like my post was moved to the ideas forum.  They are aware of the problem, but do not see it as a bug to be fixed.  It has been a real inconvenience for us to not work the way it originally did.

v3 Rate Calculator still doesn't show all availabl... - ShipStation Community


It'd be really helpful if you could either kudo my idea, or re-submit your own on the ideas forum.


If you leave the box for package type blank and just enter your weight, zip code etc and press search it will list all services with prices available grouped by carrier (UPS, USPS etc. ) 

In the old version you could narrow it down more but at least they are listed in one place and all the carriers are calculated. 

This may be true of the calculator at the top of the page, but it is not true for USPS rates when using the calculator on the order details page.  If you click on the calculator there, all it shows for USPS are the package rates, no Flat Rate or Regional Rates.

I see, for me it doesn't show anything for USPS, only for UPS and Fedex. So frustrating how many bugs after how many months

It's not even a bug. While it took me a while to get them to understand what I was talking about, they apparently did it this way on purpose. They think making the calculator LESS helpful is the way to go. As Sequins experienced, they are pretending that the functionality that we want back never existed. They patronizingly congratulated me on this novel concept and suggest that I post it to the ideas forum, as if this is a new idea. I am just absolutely dumbfounded with this new version. And their customer service too. This is just terrible.

There's some serious issues with this new version. It should have never been moved from beta. I am on their chat support every other day lately and for hours waiting in line.. They cannot fix the issue right away and need to delegate it to senior support team. Who do we need to reach to let them know their product has been hijacked and sabotaged? It worked pretty well before

Hi, everyone! 


At this time, we're committed to moving forward with the new layout. We understand there’s some functionality from the previous layout that many users would like to see, and we're doing our best to gather that feedback. 


If these missing features keep you from shipping, I encourage you to reach out to our support team. You can reach them directly at or through the app itself. They'll be best equipped to investigate and walk you through potential workarounds for your business. 


For additional help getting started, please feel free to check out the following resources: 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

This doesn't keep me from shipping, but it has added an unnecessary bottleneck. has been less than helpful. There is not a workaround.


This update was NOT ready and should still be in beta. It, and the customer service response, has been bad.

It would be helpful for those of us who are finding v3 lacking if ShipStation could explain to us the insistence on forcing everybody on to v3.  As far as I can tell, there really is no new functionality or benefit to the end user.  I've used ShipStation for years, and am finding it a net negative.