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Shipping configurations

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My store sells many items of many various weights and dimensions.


Similar stores all offer free shipping on orders over $99, so I do the same to stay competitive.


But when it comes to oversized items, I'd like to opt out of the free shipping, or add additional charges.


This is also what other similar stores (on different platforms) do as well.


The issue is if I get an oversized shipment I end up losing money because of the shipping costs.


Is there any way to configure this with ShipStation? I want to exclude certain items from the free shipping option, or be able to add charges.


For example I have UPS 3-Day shipping as an option for $14.95 flat rate. This works great for the vast majority of orders. But I just got an order for (4) walking sticks that totaled 5lbs 8oz, dims 38x10x3.


The customer chose 3-Day Shipping for $14.95, but the shipping ended up being $51, which put me way in the red.


I've read through all of the shipping tutorials I could find, but could not see a way to do what I need to do.




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You may want to add some sort of ruling on the back-end of your site that tells Ship Station that a different shipping configuration may be needed.

Depending on who your website platform is, most of them can help you do this. We ship many different sizes of products and have all of our boxes saved on not only the back end of the site where it auto configures the box with the product(s) ordered and that information is sent over to SS and my Pre-Set is also applied. 


It doesn't always work perfectly, but it's definitely helped me out a ton!

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What platform is your website on? The functionality you are talking about is for serving options on the front end of your site not the fulfilment(shipstation)(side)


We use SHIPPERHQ on BigCommerce for our shipping configurations.


Also, I know ShipStation released a Beta for this type of functionality on BigCommerce, but it isnt as robust yet as ShipperHQ. 


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Hi Scott! We use Shopify for our platform. We also use an App on Shopify called "Advanced Shipping Rules" which allow us to dictate how shipping is calculated through our UPS Simple Rate/Worldship account. This also allows us to show customers special "add on" items that they can add to their order at a discounted price. We use about 6 different boxes, and also have multi-parcel shipments through our website as our products are in bags in #5, #10, #20, #30, #40 and #44 Shipments.


Advanced Shipping Rules has been incredible in helping figuring out shipping cost in the correct boxes that we will be packaging in, and then that information is transferred to Ship Station from Shopify when the order is submitted. 


We will be switching from UPS to FedEx this week as we are now receiving better rates thru FedEx. 


We've had close to no issues with this app since we've launched our Shopify site on November 1st. 


Hope this helps 🙂