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Shipstation has no customer service


I see there's a number of people who are disappointed with ShipStation's customer service - they don't have any. So, after your 30 day trial period is over. You can never get a hold of anyone. We've been a customer of theirs for 6 months now, and, all of a sudden they're software started calculating some postage incorrectly. We haven't been able to get anyone, no phone call, no email, no help whatsoever for 2 weeks now. So, looking at getting new shipping software from a company that actually has customer service.



Hello @MadAsHell


Welcome to the community, thanks for joining us and for your post.


We’d like to apologize that you’ve had a poor experience attempting to access our support team. We always want to be there when our users need help! We do, in fact, offer support to all of our users, though the channel offerings differ depending on which subscription plan you use. 


All of our accounts have access to some level of technical support. 


  • Email is available to all plan levels. 
  • Chat support is available for those on Bronze plans or higher. 
  • Phone support is available for Silver plans and above IF your account is using the new layout. For Legacy users, phone support is only available for Platinum plans or higher.


How you access phone support differs if you are on Silver-to-Platinum versus the Enterprise plans (this has to do with ensuring calls route to the proper teams).


For the Silver-Gold-Platinum plans, to access any support option you must do so through the support widget on our online help center and you must also be logged into the help center. If you click “Get Help” from the help menu in ShipStation, it will automatically direct you to the help center and log you in at the same time. 





The support widget will appear on the bottom right of the help center screen: 





Click the widget to ask your question. The widget will attempt to surface help articles that answer your question first - this helps to get you answers more quickly for common questions or scenarios as well as to prevent longer wait times for those with questions or issues that cannot be quickly answered. If the content offered by the widget is not what you need, you’ll have the option to indicate this and then contact support. The widget will show you the available options (email, chat, phone) depending on your subscription plan and time of day (phone is only available 8am-8pm CST). 


Our help article, Contact ShipStation Support, outlines this process to help guide you through it, if needed. 


NOTE: For users not in North America, the support access options described above may vary slightly.


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager