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Switching Back to Legacy - Batches, split orders, UPS insurance, sorting




we are using shipstation for 4 years I believe. we had to switch back to the old version for a few reasons:

* after creating shipments, we need to print labels. we do it all at once. we can't do it anymore from the shipment tab - pressing on batch doesn't work. we need to go into batches sort for this specific day and then print. once done, do back to shipment and check if there were shipments in between batches not in batches. 

* when creating a shipment with UPS using the receiver UPS account, we can't add insurance.

* split orders is very confusing.

* when choosing  a few stores to create shipments, after creating for 1 style it all go back to all shipments and we need to sort again. used to go to the same page.


there are more... this is for now.



Thanks for your feedback! I'm hoping we can get a little more detail on some of the points you made. 


  1. Batches: With batches, are you creating the labels first then printing the labels later, rather than create and print in the same step? If so, you should still be able to print from the Shipments tab, but you choose "Processed" batches and click the batch number of the batch you want to print. 
  2. UPS insurance: You should be able to add insurance to shipments that use 3rd party recipient billing. If this is still happening, please open a ticket with our support team and let them know what happens when you attempt to add insurance to a shipment that uses a recipient UPS account. For example, is there an error message, and if so what does it say and at what point does it appear? 
  3. Splitting orders: We have updated the Split Orders workflow because splitting an order record can often cause problems with how the shipment info is communicated back to the selling channel. The new flow maintains the integrity of the order by splitting the items in the order into separate shipments instead, which is a more accurate representation of what you are actually doing. This also ensures the order data in ShipStation matches the source of truth of your orders - which is your selling channels. We know this takes a little getting used to if you used the methods in Legacy for awhile.
  4. Could you clarify what this last point is about? I don't understand what you are referring to here. 

Thanks for your time!

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx

Your response to Splitting Orders has never kept my orders from going through to the customer or interfered with my reports regardless of the order flow integrity you speak of. Give us the Split back otherwise, you are hurting us. In sales we know if someone has a complaint about something and verbalize about it, multiple others are experiencing the problem and don't verbalize about it. Fix the problem now or give us back Legacy.