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Too many things are now not working


Having used Shipstation for 6-7 years - the platform is now almost unusable. It started when they created a feature to have orders sync real time with Shopify stores.  This worked for a few weeks, then it stopped working, now the refresh button on upper right of platform simply spins - never stops. No new orders come in - have to highlight url and then hit enter key on computer to bring orders in.

Gets even better - once you click to print a label, nothing happens! So we have to manually close out of this and click on the shipment tab to find our orders that we can select to then print a label. The popup window that used to appear after you clicked to create a label is not working at all.

To cancel a label - that popup also does not show that the label is ever cancelled. To verify you have to go back into the order tab to see the order that is now there again to print a label.  

If we change an order within Shopify - shipping address - add items - whatever, nothing is no updates are brought into Shipstation - nothing. Tech support wants us to do a screen share with a program installed so they can verify what I am telling them is happening.

Not happening - shipstation tells me their tech support might be having a language barrier misunderstanding and that having a program installed on our computer so this tech person who is the 1st level support can verify.

I even asked what video program we could use to show them - nope they want me to install a program for their rep. to log onto our computer to actually test it out. They must think we are now aware of the security risks - simply not happening!

Good luck everyone! We have now tested 10 other platforms - not 1 issue with integrating. My best guess is some senior level engineers left and now the platform is having issues and they are scrambling trying to figure things out. 

It's finally time to move on - 



What were the best options of the alternatives you tested, we're very much in the same spot and just ready to move on unfortunately.

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I cant get any response from support. My shipstation wallet "shipper number" isnt working and I have money just sitting there. I have packages to get out and am so frustrated and stressed out!

Time you look around - it helps that we use Shopify as I can use our own UPS account through them - smooth quick and easy. Labels print instantly - no glitches. So then I was able to find lots of options for USPS and UPS for lighter shipments as all the shipping platforms have the same discounted UPS and USPS rates.  We have shipments ranging from light to 49 pounds so the heavier shipments use our UPS rates and the lighter ones use the shipping platform discounted rates.

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Following this thread because I've had open cases with them since October 2022, May 2023, and escalating to 3 more in the last 2 months. So that's 5 open cases, a few of which are causing major impediments to our logistics workflow and adding a ton of time to our days. I have similarly been with them for over 6 years now and they used to be amazing (both the app and the customer service). They really messed up when they started rolling out these updates, did not scale well at all. 

- Cannot bulk upload tracking for MONTHS now: this means I need to copy/paste every single tracking number into the system, do they know how long that takes with hundreds of orders per day??
- My warehouse can't export order numbers into their tracking file: which means I now have to identify the orders to upload tracking MANUALLY for by their name, in addition to the first issue
- Now I am not getting notified when customers make duplicate orders for combination like I used to
- I get random errors when I search certain names?? Then I have to reboot the whole system because the orders all disappear after receiving that error
- Cannot bulk import any orders, just continues to say "processing"

- Every time I reach out and actually her back from anyone, I have to explain the issue continually to level 1, level 2, level 3, and don't reach anyone who has any actual answers or solutions, like EVER. It's just a string of frustratingly devoid nice people, that's it. No actual responses or solutions. I am DONE. Where is everyone moving to?
And all of these issues are over a month old, one up to 4 months old.... no updates, no answers. Not sure why I am paying $100 to use a service like this.

Brianna, it gets to a time where you say enough. Many solutions out there today - we are simply using the platform as an address validation app for $10.00 per month. All shipments are now being done on other platforms. We have added hours back into our day. I'm guessing that they lost some good software engineers as the issues are mounting and nothing is happening to address them. It's human nature to not change - you just have to ask yourself when is enough really enough? Good luck!



Becky, I saw your post and was wondering what had happened too.  We used to be able to calculate individual packages to ship on the same order but now all shipstation does is calculate cumulative weight and denies ground shipping.  My boss tells me it used to work in just getting ground rates for individual packages but several months ago it stopped working.  I guess I was wondering if you or anyone else has run into this because I cannot get a answer from shipstation.