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Total Value and total shipping paid should show on combined orders


When we combine several orders together (we can't stop customers from remembering they needed more items), we need to see the total order value (to determine if we want to have signature service and how much to insure it for) as well as total shipping paid (to see if we need to refund some shipping overpayment). 

V2 did this. V3 does not. User impact is reduced time efficiency because we have to get a calculator out to figure it out.



Absolutely, this is critical.     


Packing slips are printing the incorrect totals / shipping paid.

Hello there! 


Thank you for providing this feedback, both of you. This is an issue that we have gotten several reports of and are absolutely investigating! As soon as I have any progress to report on this behavior, I will update this thread directly! 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!