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Verified status shown in order list


I realize that the Verified badge shows up when viewing an order, it would be nice if there could be some way to show this in the order list. Whether it was a tag, a diferent column, whatever. I can't find any way to accomplish this.


Super User
Super User

What do you mean by "verified"? Can you provide a screenshot? My best guess is you are referring to address validation?

No, not address validation, and I saw a filter for that... I mean an order that has gone through the "Scan to Verify" operation. When you open the order, it shows that this process was done in the order header, but it would be great to have this available in some fashion in the order list. The idea being that as orders are picked and verified as put into boxes, it would be nice when at the shipping station to be able to know which orders in the list have been completed and verified.

Hello, was a solution to this found? We have the same need.