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Warning: Support tickets are automatically getting set to "Solved" with no solution.


I've submitted three support tickets in the past two days.
Two of which were instantaneously set as "Solved" the moment the e-mail arrived!!
I then had to open a subsequent "follow-up" ticket to the original.
This is incredibly worrisome and discouraging.

I'd encourage everyone to look at their open cases online to make sure you're not waiting patiently only to discover your ticket has been closed!!


Hey there @epommerer


What you are seeing there is actually our automated system putting your requests together! You should absolutely still be responded to in order to go over the behaviors you've seen. These tickets are simply being combined together. The support team will still be reaching out to you in regards to these tickets :). 


With that in mind, thank you for this feedback, i'll certainly get it reviewed by my team! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

First, there needs to be communication in that regard because the first impression is that my calls for help are simply getting buried.
Second, my tickets are for completely different topics.  How am I to amend my findings regarding "Tracking Numbers" if that ticket has been "Solved" and the surviving ticket is for "Automation Rules" ?  I don't see how there can be a constructive dialogue if different tickets are consolidated into one.



I absolutely hear you here, and this combining of tickets will absolutely be reviewed. 


In the meantime, I am still confident that our team will be happy to answer each of your topics of discussion. We are certainly wanting to make sure we help you out with each of your inquiries. 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


I've lost all confidence that the team is capable of "answering each of our topics of discussion"
As a matter of fact, the same topic has been arbitrarily set as solved not once but twice without so much as a question or comment.
The practice of lumping completely different issues into a common ticket and then marking all as "Solved" is absurd.
We've been testing (and paying for) the enterprise version and have yet to develop basic solutions for our production environment.  Then manner in which support is unable to even *manage* issues much less provide meaningful responses has left us completely discouraged.

Hey there @epommerer


I'm with you on how this support interaction has felt from your end. Getting those emails properly answered is always our priority, so I know seeing those "solved" when emails have been combined is frustrating. I am taking this to my team as direct feedback for how we can look into improving the overall support experience. 


If you have remaining unanswered questions, I would still recommend to please utilize all of your support options so that we can make sure you are being assisted accordingly. 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

New Contributor

THIS IS ALSO HAPPENING TO ME and it is SUPREMELY annoying. If it's a 'technical' glitch then the support oversight team should have fixed this months ago since that's how long it's been happening to me. My tickets are not getting merged. They are getting closed. And there's no way through the helpdesk platform for the customer to re-open a closed ticket. (Well, there IS an option but ShipStation have this feature disabled).


I tried hopping on chat to report this issue and no matter how much I tried the agent I was chatting with was not willing to let me chat with a manager or give me any additional contact info. He insisted there were no managers available, and insisted email and chat were the only channels for support. In other words, the complaint stopped with him.


Tried reaching out to ShipStation via LinkedIn. No response. No phone number for tech support. No way to contact management. Maybe I can't help but think the work-from-home culture means agents are largely unsupervised and can just randomly close cases to keep their numbers up. I have no proof of this but it sure seems that way. It's really annoying. Some of my technical questions have caused hours and hours of lost productivity for my company. Other tickets are STILL not answered. WHERE IS MANAGEMENT to address these issues? 


Ticket Closed on Holiday WeekendLastest Insult to injury:
I received a response on the Wed. before Thanksgiving at 7:24pm to a ticket I re-opened twice.
On Monday I discovered an e-mail from SATURDAY that warned if I didn't respond, the ticket will be closed the next day (SUNDAY!)
Hey Shipstation.  Add this to your "automation rules": Don't close tickets due to no response on HOLIDAYS AND WEEKENDS.
For Pete's sake.

Hey yall, 


Thank you for this feedback. Its very important to us that you can receive the assistance you need as intended. I can sincerely assure you both that I have reported the behaviors yall have described to my support team so that we can investigate. The experience I'm hearing here is certainly not the exchanges we want to have with our support team. I'm doing everything I can to bring attention to this on my end. 


If immediate assistance is still needed currently, I would still very much still recommend reaching out via all the support options available in your account. 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Thank you.  I think it would be a really good idea to enable the setting on your helpdesk platform that allows the CUSTOMER to re-open a ticket simply by replying back to it. Most helpdesk systems have this feature.

I totally agree.  Adding to the confusion is I'm working actively with support on a ticket that shows "solved" even though it's not.